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About Us

S*P*A*M (The Society of Properties Artisan Managers) is an association of professional Prop Managers and Educators. The purpose of S*P*A*M is to serve as an educational vehicle and resource for the managers and to create fellowship among property professionals to address issues of common importance to its members.

The goals of S*P*A*M are:

  • Create a national communication and support network to share resources, information, solutions and techniques, safety issues, continuing education and stock.
  • Promote the highest professional standards among Property Artisans and craftsmen. 
  • Promote the profession of Properties to potential artisans in college or elsewhere in the theatrical business, and establish educational standards for the training of Property Artisans.
  • Improve working relationships and conditions for all Properties Artisans, by educating theatre institutions of the capabilities and needs of Property Artisans.
  • Establish parity with other professionals within production specialties.