Actor’s Theatre, in Louisville, Kentucky

Application deadline March 15, 2019

The Properties Apprentice assists with the creation and acquisition of hand props, soft goods, furniture, specialty items and set dressing required for a full season of classic and brand-new productions. The Properties Apprentice will engage in a variety of creative and innovative assignments alongside a professional and talented team of carpenters, artisans, and props masters working at the top of their field. This apprentice will gain experience in all forms of props construction, management and design. Please note that while some design opportunities may exist as a part of the Professional Training Company, this is primarily a technical apprenticeship.


Someone interested in learning skills and techniques used by professional props artisans and props masters.

Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Berkeley, CA

This fellowship provides hands-on training in properties construction, carpentry, crafts, soft goods, research/shopping, and administration. Applicants should have previous prop/prop-related experience, a strong work ethic, and good communication skills. Ideal candidates are flexible and have a creative personality. Applicants must submit a digital portfolio for review (no original artwork, please).

Chicago Shakespeare Theater, on Navy Pier in Chicago, IL

Application deadline March 1, 2019

  • The Properties Intern will work 3-5 days a week for 3-4 months, depending on their schedule.  There is a Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer internship slot.
  • The Intern will be supervised and mentored by the Prop Carpenter, Prop Assistant, and Prop Supervisor.  They will learn about best safety practices and projects basics, while exploring carpentry, metalworking, painting and faux finishes, soft goods, and casting and molding.
  • This position is portfolio focused, and the intern is able to design, plan, and construct a personal project, in addition to CST show prop needs.  This project will be designed at the discretion of the Prop Supervisor.
  • There is a small stipend, which will defray travel costs to and from the theater on scheduled days.
  • Application deadline varies by season.